Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Legends

According to ESPN, at 7:00PM on December 26th Urban Meyer has resigned his position as the head coach of the Florida Gators. Not much insight has been given as to why he has suddenly stepped down, but health concerns are believed to have played a part in the decision. I will be updating as soon as I know more.

Monday, December 14, 2009


From the Washington Post Article:

Foster staying at Va. Tech
Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster is staying in Blacksburg.

On Monday, the university offered a new financial package that will keep Foster in place at Virginia Tech. Foster, who has been the Hokies' defensive coordinator for the past 15 seasons, had been approached by several schools about their defensive coordinator openings.

He said he was contacted by Florida Coach Urban Meyer and Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher about the defensive coordinator vacancies at both their programs, but Georgia made the most serious overture toward Foster.

"Coach Beamer has been extremely good to me," Foster said. "I want to ride this thing out with him. We’ve been doing this along time together and there’s not reason to stop there, and let’s finish this thing. It’s a good deal all the way around. I’m extremely pleased."

The financial terms of the new arrangement were not immediately available.

Fostering Images of Defense (((UPDATED)))

According to Jim Donnan on his daily radio show, and a statement released by VT athletic director Dave Smith, Mark Richt has contacted VT DC Bud Foster about the vacant position with the Dawgs.

Foster has long been atop my list of candidates for the position, I just never thought he would make the lateral move nor did I think Richt would actually pursue him. Don't hold me to this, but I was reading an article the other day about Foster's defenses in his 15 seasons as DC, and in those 15 seasons they have finished in the top 30 in total defense 14 times. Pretty good track record, if I'm remembering correctly.

The possibility of anything happening is purely speculation at this point, and I know the GA masses would love to see Kirby Smart, but this is one name you HAVE to put above him right now. Foster would, in my opinion, be the best possible DC hire possible this offseason.

***According to a few leaks via Twitter that have not been verified, Foster has received a new annuities package from VT and a revamped contract and will be staying with the Hokies.*** 6:35PM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The D Buzz

Mark Stoops: Outstanding in his field

The word circulating on the mean streets of Athens, GA is that there's about an 80% chance that the new defensive coordinator of the Dawgs is going to be current Arizona DC Mark Stoops (little bro of ol' Bobby), or current 'Bama assistant HC Sal Sunseri.

Granted, I would still rather see Kirby over either of those names, both would still be a huge improvement over what we've become accustomed to in recent years. I guess it's worth noting that Stoops did lead the 21st ranked defense this past year.

Another noteworthy factoid for all you recruiting hawks out there, the highest rated uncommitted QB prospect in the nation (according to has UGA atop his list. Hutson Mason from Lassiter High School said he wants to visit all schools on his short list, but as of now, GA is still a solid number one.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Bowling...Unfortunately

As all of the Dawg nation knows by now, we have been selected by the bowl committees to play Texas A&M in the Independence Bowl in the beautiful town of Shreveport come December 28th. Kick-off has been set for 5pm.

I believe we got a slight shaft in the selection process, thinking we probably deserved the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but, had we taken care of business against Kensucky we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

I'll be back soon for insight and updates regarding A&M, and a bowl game breakdown. It could be another wild one, though I wouldn't expect our defense to perform any worse without a coordinator than it did with one. However, I would expect a whole bunch of points from both sides.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free Willie

And with that title I'm not making assumptions about the price you could receive his coaching services (or lack there of). No, as most of you know, Willie was officially relieved of his duties as DC in a news conference around 3pm this afternoon. HC MR apparently thought the lackluster performances of the defensive unit were further rooted beyond the coaching of WM, and also decided to cut ties with defensive ends coach John Fabris and linebackers coach Jon Jancek.

The move didn't really shock anyone, as the defensive unit has gotten progressively worse under the direction of Martinez. What was shocking is that it took an extra 48 hours for Richt to pull the trigger on the announcement than most had expected.

As far as replacements are concerned, quite a few names are being tossed about, including the two who I think would be the best fits for our system. The names I've heard discussed so far have been Kirby Smart (DC, UA), Bud Foster (DC, VT), Tommy Tuberville, Brian VanGorder (DC, Falcons), Kevin Steele (DC, Clemson), and Jon Tenuda (DC, ND). Personally, I would love to see Foster or Smart. I've always enjoyed watching a Foster defense terrorize opponents, and he seems to coach the type of smash mouth ball we need again within our program. Smart would also be not so far below on the totem pole. He currently has the second best defense in the SEC, and is in the top ten nationally, 'nuff said. (Oh, and as you all know he is a GA boy.) Having had the displeasure of watching Notre Dame this year, I can't see how Tenuda would be much of an improvement over WM. VanGorder left once already, and I honestly can't see him dropping from the ranks of the NFL to come back as an assistant in college, though he would be a welcome sight on the sidelines. Tuberville is in that boat as well, having been an SEC HC for so long, I don't really see him coming back the game as a DC with so many HC positions surely to be coming open in the next few weeks. And, quite frankly, I don't know a dang thing about Steele, so I really can't comment one way or another.

Keep checking for updates, I'll have them as soon as I hear a peep one way or the other.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good, Clean, Old Fashioned Win

I'm going to venture about a half-step out on a limb and say I'm probably not the only member of the Dawg nation who thought the final four regular season quarters would ultimately result in a paraphrasing of our entire season. I went so far as to venture we may even lose by a ridiculous four plus touchdowns. Amazingly, and by what I can only assume was the grace of Erk, it didn't. In fact, it was far from anticipated blowout I had predicted in the early afternoon hours on Saturday. Had our fallen compatriot UGA VII made it to season's end, he would have assuredly gone to be with his brothers when the clock showed zeroes with our boys on top by 6. And if that didn't finish him off, the 300 plus rushing yards we managed to accumulate would have certainly done him in.

I for one can say there is no way in the world I could have ever seen the game turning out the way it did. A victory, while a bit far-fetched, wasn't completely out of the question, as it never is in a rivalry game of this magnitude. But that way it was done, not even Nostradamus could have foreseen. Had you shown me these stats:

Rushing Yards: 339 - 205
Passing Yards: 76 - 135
Turnovers: 1 - 2
T.O.P.: 30:03 - 29:57

I would have asked two questions. How in the world did we manage to rush for 200 yards, and how did we manage to keep the ball for half of the game? Then, had you told me our boys were the ones on the plus side of the possession and the ones with 300 yards rushing, I would have laughed, very obnoxiously. In fact, had I not seen it happen with my own two eyes there's a good chance I still wouldn't believe it to be true.

But as the old adage goes, I guess it's better late than never. Our preseason "best offensive line in the country" finally decided to make an appearance, albeit in the final regular season game. Throughout the game the hogmollies up front were forming holes wide enough UPS could deliver through and consistently pushing defenders five and ten yards off the ball. Throughout its entirety we saw the type of game we have become accustomed to seeing from our Red and Black clad boys.

For the first time this season we also seemed to stick with what was working on the offensive side of the ball. We didn't get fancy, but then again, we didn't need to. Bobo saw we could run it, so run it we did. Both backs set career highs on the ground by the second quarter, and Cox had the best quarter of his career in the first 15 minutes of the game. (*editors note: Cox didn't attempt a pass in the first quarter) It wasn't flashy, but it was effective.

Defensively, we played better than what was expected, though we did give up a few long pass plays due in no small part to missed tackles at or near the line of scrimmage. However, any time you can limit the leading rusher in a triple option system to 41 yards, you have to feel pretty good about your performance. Let's just hope one game doesn't make everyone forget the rest of the season. Also, not to be the naysayer, but you should remember Yech was still in a position to win the game in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, and very well could have if Reggie Ball, rather, Demaryius Thomas could catch the easy ball, and if CPJ didn't completely abandon the option that got him to that point.

All in all, it was a flat out good game. According to Chris Lowe and the boys at ESPN, it may have even been good enough to save us from the Toilet Bowl. The "experts" in the know have us back in ATL for the Chicken Bowl against VT, which would be a rematch of a few years back. Now it's just a waiting game.

Thankfully, all that bowl stuff can wait, and for GA fans, we get bragging rights for another 364 days. As Washaun's tape and Caleb's arms said, "We run this state". For one of the few times this year, it really is great to be a Georgia Bulldawg! Go Dawgs!